The quality campaign called “Quality Award - Snowsport Tirol” of the Tyrolean Ski Teachers Association delivers lots of benefits both to ski schools and to their guests.

Transparency. Guest orientation is simpler, quicker, clearer.

Clarity. Ski School proprietors have a better overview of the strengths and need-to- improve areas of their school.

Satisfaction. Ongoing quality checks and improvements raise guest satisfaction.

Team building. Snow sport teachers identify more closely with their ski school and work to continually improve their quality.

Marketing plus. The logo “Quality Award - Snowsport Tirol” is an important marketing tool. The certificate and the “Quality Award - Snowsport Tirol” for display purposes is presented at the annual general meeting of Tyrolean Ski Associations. In addition, there are pins, decals, badges with the year of award and lots more besides.

Competitive advantages. All ski schools which have been granted the “Quality Award - Snowsport Tirol” figure in the marketing platforms of the Tyrolean Ski Teachers Association and Tirolwerbung.